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Nice cabin but will not be coming back


Diane Grahams

My wife, son and I visited Silverhojd earlier this month for a long weekend to enjoy the local nature – we live a few hours away but had never been to this part of the country. On our first night we settled in to Silverhojd Cabin nicely – lovely décor and all the essentials we needed were provided – but strangely enough my wife, son and I couldn’t sleep due to a strange sound that was coming from the front door; however, every time we checked there was nothing there. We woke up in the morning to the front door open; even though we were certain we had locked it securely. Although we had a nice day enjoying the nature and local sites, the next night we experienced the same as the night before but, instead, awoke to what sounded like loud shouts. None of us felt comfortable to stay another night so left a day early.

Silverhojd Cabin – definitely not a three star resort!


Sam Jones

My boyfriend and I stayed here in March 2015 for one night as a spontaneous layover on our way to Malmö. Fortunately, there was a spare cabin in the resort with a double bed, en suite and television. We enjoyed local spa treatments as well as a boat ride on Silverhojd Lake but, on the Monday evening, we decided to relax in the cabin with a homemade meal (the cabin was self-catering). First of all: the cooker kept switching itself off resulting in my boyfriend nearly burning himself; the windows kept opening and shutting when we were certain they were locked; and our bedside lamp wouldn’t turn on. However, the most puzzling part of the evening was the television: it had been playing loudly whilst we were cooking but as soon as we sat down to eat it kept switching off. As soon as we managed to turn it back on the screen was static and making strange sounds. We decided we would rather eat our dinner in silence, which ruined the evening.

Not very nice staff at all!


Billy Franks

My daughter and I stayed here at the beginning on April for a long weekend and, although the destination is very tranquil, we will not be saying at Silverhojd Cabin again. The staff were all very rude – not one said hello, please or thank you – it was like they were under some sort of weird trance! Will not be coming back again.

Nice scenery but won’t be returning



My son and I recently visited after hearing about the natural beauty of Silverhojd Lake. While we’re not experienced fishers, we thought we could enjoy some father-son bonding while trying to catch something tasty for dinner in this mysterious looking landscape. While I cannot deny the stunning scenery we encountered in this town, my son and I will not be making a return trip! Our time at the lake was rather spoiled thanks to some very odd-looking man who was lurking at the other side of the lake. My son had ventured out on his own to take some pictures to remind him of his holiday, only to return to me in such a state that we had to cut our day short. This man, or rather creature as my son described him, was clearly out to scare people, emerging from the water making loud shrieking sounds and dressed in what sounds like some ghoulish Halloween costume. If I had seen this man myself I would have informed just how upset he had made my son, but when we went back to where the incident occurred he was nowhere to be found. A heads up to all parents…if you are looking for somewhere that will terrify your children and punish them with nightmares then Silverhojd is your place. Otherwise, I would steer damn well clear of this town!!

Welcoming people but surroundings are too spooky



I recently returned from what was almost a lovely, relaxing break with my boyfriend in the town of Silverhojd. We spent our days roaming the woods and exploring the local town. The people of Silverhojd could not have been more welcoming, even in wake of the recent tragedy of a missing local boy. Our hotel staff were very accommodating and couldn’t do enough to help, even telling us some of the folklore legends that are believed by the people of Silverhojd. The highlight of the trip would have to be the best Cloudberry pie we have ever tasted! One or two pies even made it home with us. However, toward the end of our trip something strange happened. We were driving out of town and we noticed a figure, which seemed to be a young girl, standing in the middle of the road. As we slowed our car and shouted to offer help the girl was unresponsive. It was only as we began to emerge from the car that the figure moved quickly back into the dark forest and vanished. With all the missing children cases that have happened in Silverhojd over the years you would hope that parents wouldn’t let their children out so late at night!



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