Another Child Goes Missing in Silverhöjd

promo-image-another-missing-girlThe wilderness town of Silverhöjd has claimed another victim: Emma Eriksson, aged 7, disappeared yesterday morning without a trace. She was last seen by mother Jeanette Eriksson, aged 39, at approximately 8am wearing a white dress, red jacket and yellow boots.

Emma’s grief-stricken mother contacted the police immediately after her daughter went missing. She recollects leaving her to play on the swing set in the garden, thinking it was safe and unaware someone was watching them.

Jeanette shared her last moments with our daily news correspondent Anike Boe: “I asked Emma to wear her boots because it had been raining – it was still wet outside. She looked unhappy about something so I asked her if she wanted some pancakes. That used to cheer her up. The last thing I said to her was “Don’t go anywhere”. The next time I checked she was gone.”

The day before, Emma was seen speaking with an unknown woman in an underpass by the local Silverhöjd grundskola. However, eyewitnesses have not been clear about the description, providing police inspectors with a generic description of a slender woman, medium height, aged 30-40 with light coloured hair.


Young Emma’s disappearance comes at a turbulent time in the town’s current climate of mysterious incidences, highlighted by the frequent breaking news bulletins: “The crimes in Silverhöjd have grabbed international attention. Police are remaining silent about the details and possible connection between the murders and missing children.” Silverhöjd Police Chief Martina Sigvardsson has been joined by Göran Wass from the National Bureau of Investigation to assist in the disturbing cases.

Jeanette, a member of the board for controversial company Thörnblad Cellulosa, has been spotted with colleague and friend Thomas Leander, whose son Anton’s whereabouts are still at large. The two have become close while coping with their mutual losses. Jeanette has also reached out to detective Eva Thörnblad, who has joined the ongoing investigation into the bizarre cases alongside detective Tom Aronsson.

Alexsina and Claus Thornquist – parents of Emma’s classmates Dag and Erik- describe Emma as a quiet, self-effacing child who was often bullied and tormented in the playground. “It’s such a shame, poor girl. I don’t know much about the Mrs. Eriksson but she barely bathed her. The boys’ friends call her “Wee Emma” because of the smell. I got a whiff of it once. It was putrid. I felt sorry for her but I didn’t like her playing with the boys. Dag and Erik told us she was very secretive. But when she mentioned the word “Snorgeggan” after they questioned her about some “goo” on her arms, she suddenly became upset and ran home crying. That was the afternoon before she vanished.”

A confidential source from the police advises there is speculation surrounding Emma and Anton’s disappearances which could be linked to a possible retaliation from environmental activists in the area. Due to the destruction of Silverhöjd forest, Jeanette Eriksson and Thomas Leander’s ties to the Thörnblad Empire are being considered.

If you have any information regarding Emma’s disappearance please contact the Silverhöjd police station.



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