Child goes missing in Silverhöjd forest

Police have launched a frantic search into the surrounding area of Silverhojd for Anton Leander, aged 9. Father Thomas Leander reported Anton missing two days ago after he vanished in the early hours of Sunday evening. Anton has short blonde hair and blue eyes. He was last seen wearing a red jacket, a navy jumper, blue jeans and white trainers.

At approximately 4pm on Sunday, Anton was last seen with his brother Oscar playing hide-and-seek at the edge of the Silverhojd forest. Oscar has been left traumatised and despondent to police questioning.

It appears the town’s children have been warned about the dangers of playing unsupervised in the Silverhojd forest region. Yet school friends of Anton claim the forest was a place that the brothers visited on a regular basis. Upon further probing, their interest in Silverhojd forest appears to be due to unfounded myths circulated by local fear mongers that an evil spirit lurks in the undergrowth to scare insubordinate kids. This local legend has never been under as much scrutiny following recent events.


Silverhojd residents have refused to speak to the press. Instead of joining in on the search they have been noticeably anxious when questioned about the boy’s disappearance. Yesterday morning, divers took to the depths of the Silverhojd Lake to search for any clues but so far the boy is yet to be found; raising the Leander’s family’s hopes in finding Anton alive.

The community were shaken by a similar incident seven years earlier when Josefine Thörnblad, aged 6, disappeared without a trace. Her mother, detective Eva Thörnblad, continues her search maintaining Josefine had been abducted, as opposed to the case file confirming she drowned. There are no other eye-witnesses who have come forward at this stage and no ransom note has been received, leaving detectives baffled.

Anton’s mother delivered a tearful plea to Silverhojd Local News last night: “I just want to know he is safe and for him to come home. Please help me find my baby. He wouldn’t just wander off like this. He just wouldn’t.” The detective in charge of the investigation Göran Wass shared his assurances: “The first 24 hours are crucial in missing cases such as these involving young children. However, we have not recovered any evidence to suggest foul play. We are still confident Anton will be found.”

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Anton please contact the Silverhojd police authorities.



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