Local geologists give the mining of Silverhojd Forest the go ahead

Local geologists have announced their support in the possibility of infiltrating mining holes throughout Silverhojd Forest. As a result of rife methane being found is some of the plants’ surfaces, not to mention the local sightings of the “Silverhojd Monster”, it is most likely that mining destruction will take place.

The controversial issue has sparked the topic of conversation in Silverhojd as – whilst many geologists, botanists and scientists support the dissection – many others are left believing it to be an “environmental crime” that is “immoral and profoundly unethical.”

Troels Akerman, head of geology at Silverhojd University, released a statement: “Silverhojd Forest is an historically fundamental location that helped develop early theories of geology in the local area. However, it has been discovered that widespread methane has been leaked into Silverhojd Lake from the Skagerrak (North Sea) causing potential danger to its surrounding wildlife and vegetation. We have no other choice than to provide minor mining holes in a bid to save our environment, community and the people of Silverhojd.”

Silverhojd Forest made local news once again earlier this week after activists contested against its destruction, urging locals to sign a petition in a bid to prevent it happening. As well as this, the possibility of another sacrifice being made to inhibit any more damage being done to Silverhojd Forest, it is still believed to leave long lasting environmental effects.



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