Man stricken with unknown infection. Doctors baffled.

Local man Gustaf Sigvardsson (42) lapsed into a coma during a mysterious electrical outage at Silverhojd University Hospital on Tuesday at exactly midnight. When the emergency generators restored the hospital’s power at 3 minutes past midnight, Sigvardsson was unresponsive and required immediate assistance to sustain his breathing. X-rays revealed a strange growth in the patient’s pulmonary cavity, which explained the distress to the lungs. However, the growth appears to be from a foreign object of plant origin. A source from the medical staff on duty that night claims “Doctors are not confident on how to remove the parasitical organism. It continues to grow inside its ‘host’”.

Sigvardsson admitted himself to the hospital in the early hours of Tuesday morning suffering with acute chest pains. Following a thorough examination at the hospital, nurses and doctors were unable to determine the cause of his illness, which included coughing, blood in his saliva and an inflamed oesophagus.


His wife Agneta (47) claimed her husband had returned early from an annual weekend camping trip in Silverhojd forest with his brother Rolf Sigvardsson (38) and friend Håkan Zetterberg (41) – acting “Skogstokig” or literally meaning “forest crazy”.

When we spoke with Rolf Sigvardsson and Zetterberg they both corroborated that on the Sunday night “unearthly noises” were heard waking them both with a start. Screaming and guttural breathing echoed around the campsite by the lake.

Gustaf Sigvardsson was nowhere to be found. The pair contacted Silverhojd police concerned about his disappearance, only to retract their report after Agneta confirmed he had turned up at the Sigvardsson residence Monday morning banging violently on the door after smashing the kitchen window. Neighbours noticed Sigvardsson staggering around in a delirious state in the dark outside their house at 4.20am.

Police have examined the campsite and issued a statement to the press this afternoon to confirm that “Sigvardsson’s tent has been found drenched with water. His belongings have been catalogued as evidence. We are looking into a sample of unidentified seed pods found in his travel flask.”




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