Monster Sighting in Silverhöjd Forest

monster-screengabTwelve office workers from popular bicycle manufacturer Cyklone on a company retreat from Ystad were treated at Silverhöjd Hospital – each suffering with perforated eardrums. When asked by doctors what happened in the events prior to the incident, team leader Nils Westman claimed: “The forest was overcome with shadows. The sounds of branches crunching underfoot echoed… and then the screeching. It was deafening. The noise was inhuman!”

This afternoon at 2pm the group were scheduled for canoeing practise but were swiftly taken to the nearest hospital by Westman who was more or less unaffected. However, Westman was afflicted with a nettle-like rash which nurses advised was due to a stinging plant called Cow’s Parsnip. Westman also mentioned speaking with a local homeless woman pushing a trolley, minutes before the encounter with the unknown entity.

Up until the 1970s there have been reports of unexplained phenomena and alarming shapes being sighted in the forest as well as around Bläcktjärn Lake. Nightmarish visions of menacing beasts covered in fur to reptilian creatures attacking swimmers in the lake and surrounding inlets. Suddenly there has been a rise in humanoid manifestations which have evolved from folklore to being blamed as the culprits of Anton Leander and Emma Eriksson’s abductions.

The Cyklone Retreat incident bears disconcerting similarities to police reports over the last 2 days stemming from Nicklas Gunnarsson’s recently leaked testimony to Göran Wass from the National Bureau of Investigation. Gunnarsson allegedly shot a “white sea monster which may have been a man”. Gunnarsson later confirmed that the “monster” rendered his friends – brothers Frank and Jörgen Olsson – incapacitated due to its “ear-splitting” cries. When the Olsson brothers were brought in for questioning it was discovered Jörgen Olsson also suffered from a burst eardrum, with profuse bleeding still evident.

The “white sea monster” was later found floating from a small inlet into the Water Treatment Plant. Two teenage girls contacted the police station; hysterical at seeing a “demon in the sea”. This has now been linked to the contaminated water scare, which saw petrified residents buying bottled water by the gallon.

A Silverhöjd medical examiner claimed the autopsy yielded a strange body density which was “spongy” and “liquefied.” This comment was later denied and requested to be redacted. In addition to this, an excerpt of the recorded analysis from the medic al examiner (who has chosen to remain nameless) described the body of the “monster” as the following – transcribed verbatim: “Male. Age: unknown. Probable cause of death: gunshot wound to the torso. Head, hands and feet are missing, possibly by turbine blades.”

A bemused Frank OIsson’s further corroborates the monster definition by stating: “The thing had webbed feet. I’m not even sure it was… a human.”



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