Thornblad Destroying Silverhojd’s Natural Beauty

promo-image_protestIt is time the people of Silverhojd come together to save what is left of our town’s historic landscape.

The late Johan Thornblad is behind the devastation; with his almost complete destruction of the forest years ago it is amazing what still exists today. We cannot let Gustaf Boren and the Thornblad board destroy what we have left. We are the intruders on this land, not the nature that has existed long before we arrived.

Thornblad are putting our health at risk, contaminating our water and exposing us to dangerous chemicals, all for them to make even more money!


We are stronger than them, this is our home and we have rights. Together we can stop this greedy and immoral corporation from taking what is not theirs.

Join us on 12 August where we will stand united in a bid to stop these money-hungry and greedy individuals from destroying what is not theirs.



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